Enterprise Partners was founded in 1985 and is one of the few venture firms that have consistently focused on investing in Southern California businesses. To date, we’ve helped build over 150 companies and we are currently investing our sixth fund. We are pleased to say that we have put over $1.1 billion to work for those companies.

Our partners are entrepreneurs themselves, having formed, run and sold multiple companies across a spectrum of industries. Our professional staff brings financial, legal, product development, marketing and operations support to the firm and the partners at Enterprise draw on their experience when working with our portfolio companies.

Entrepreneurs often ask us what we look for in a company. Typically, we look at large emerging markets and markets undergoing fundamental changes along with the companies that we believe will become leaders in these markets and we look for talented people with innovative business models that can create or transform these large markets.

We are open-minded regarding the specific types of businesses we fund but we are currently looking most actively at businesses in the life sciences.