Fresh News: Quorum Systems Unveils Single-Chip CMOS WEDGE Transceiver

January 25, 2006

Quorum Systems Unveils Single-Chip CMOS WEDGE Transceiver 
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Quorum Systems, Inc. introduced the Sereno™ QS3000, the latest of its family of high performance, ultra low power, multi-band, multi-mode radio frequency (RF) transceivers. Adopting Quorum's unique Sereno platform architecture, the QS3000 WEDGE transceiver is the world's first single-chip CMOS radio for combined GSM/GPRS/EDGE and 3G HSDPA applications.
   The QS3000 supports a total of seven frequency bands simultaneously, four GSM/GPRS/EDGE frequencies and three WCDMA bands. For 3G operation the QS3000 supports coverage for all six bands specified by 3GPP plus WCDMA operation in 800MHz and 1700 MHz bands. The QS3000 offers global support for dual mode 3G/GSM handsets. Utilizing Quorum's multi-mode convergence technology, the QS3000 supports both compressed and uncompressed modes, simplifying network infrastructure. The QS3000 also features HSPDA support up to category eight.
   In addition to its unparalleled RF performance and ultra low power, the level of integration achieved in the QS3000 is unmatched, allowing handset manufacturers the fastest time-to-market. Using Quorum's unique digital transmitter architecture, the QS3000 requires no additional RF filters for GSM or WCDMA modulation and enables margin on key parameters in mass production. Packaged in a 7x7 BGA, the QS3000 also features on-chip low noise amplifiers to further reduce component count and system footprint.
   "From the outset, our strategy has been one of advancing multi-mode, multi-band technology at the semiconductor level. With the QS3000, we have introduced a considerable advancement in the 3G market by combining the best available performance 3G and GSM/EDGE on a single-chip," stated Bernard Xavier, Quorum Systems' president and CEO. "As a result of our multi-mode intellectual property, the Sereno platform architecture has enabled us to offer industry-leading performance in the Wi-Fi/GSM convergence space and in the EDGE market. With the QS3000 we extend our product line into the WEDGE market and position the company well in the accelerating multi-mode, multi-band handset market."
   Quorum's intellectual property and its core expertise in radio transceiver design allow it to integrate vastly different technologies into a single chip. This is illustrated by the company's groundbreaking QS2000, which integrates quad-band GSM/GPRS and EGDE capability with 802.11b/g. Also based on the Sereno architecture, the QS1000, a quad-band RF transceiver offering GSM/GPRS and EDGE, sets new standards by increasing talk-time by more than 10 percent in GSM mode and 20 percent in EDGE mode and more than doubling the range when compared with current solutions. The QS3000 shares the same Sereno architecture as both the QS1000 and QS2000.
   Samples of the QS3000 will be widely available in the first quarter of 2006 with volume production scheduled for the second half of 2006.
   QS3000 Features:
   - - Single-chip 3G/GSM Transceiver
   - - All 3GPP Frequency Bands Plus 800MHz and 1700MHz Operation
   - - Implemented in 0.18 Micron Bulk CMOS
   - - Direct Conversion Receiver
   - - Linear Transmitter
   - - Integrated Fast Settling Frequency Synthesizers
   - - VGAs with >85dB range in RX and TX
   - - Standard Analogue I-Q Interface for GSM and 3G Basebands
   - - 2.7V and 3.3V Single Supply
   - - 7x7 BGA Package
   - - Extended Temperature Range: -40 to +85 Degrees Celsius
   About Quorum Systems, Inc.
   Quorum Systems is a fabless semiconductor company that develops highly integrated multi-mode CMOS radio frequency (RF) transceivers. Based in San Diego, California, USA, Quorum has focused on developing key intellectual property that enables multi-band, multi-mode radios to be low cost, low power and high performance. For more information about the company and its products please visit
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