Why We Do What We Do

To understand us, it helps to understand our investors. At Enterprise we seek funds solely from institutional investors: university endowments, pension funds, insurance companies and fund of funds. The managers of these funds typically allocate a small percentage of their overall investment portfolio to high risk/high return investments, and venture capital falls into that category. 

Our Job

It is our job to return value to investors. Consequently, we look for opportunities with the potential to deliver significant returns to those investors.

We look for companies that can be big, that will have a big impact on their market and can deliver big returns. This is easy to say but hard to do. Over the past 20 years we have learned that there are a few markers for success that have worked for us. 

Management Matters

Sometimes we find a truly market changing technology but without the management team that can drive the business to success. On occasion we meet exceptional business talent in wait for the right company. Our job is to bring talent and opportunity together and build companies that can become category leaders.

There is No Formula

In general, we have a preference for early stage companies that are based close to our San Diego headquarters and preferably in California. That said, we have also invested in companies in Canada and New York and, when the companies have held promise, we have invested in later-stage deals and buyouts.

Enterprise Partners invests in the life sciences and technology. We see promise in a many new technology fields including digital media, wireless networks, specialized energy and materials, consumer products and applications and digital home technologies and services.  Currently, we are increasing our investments in the life sciences.

Ultimately, we look for the entrepreneur who brings us something that can’t be pigeon holed, can’t be compared to a host of competitors and represents something truly new and truly market changing.